Resort Smart Bar

Price: $250,000

Location: Baldwin County, Alabama

Listing Description

Have you ever wanted to open your own beach bar? Maybe the thought of putting it all together and the thought of hiring the right people, made the thought not last too long. Well, let’s revisit that thought!

This “Smart Bar” is for sale and 100% turnkey. This innovative Coastal Alabama bar requires only 1 – 2 people to operate, due to the founders innovative use of technology. Reports are all run from their homes without the need to even step foot into the bar. All drinks are measured, poured, and often self-served by patrons.

They serve 39 different tap beers, cocktails, and free popcorn! The owners want to open a concept closer to their hometown and are willing to sell this turnkey smart bar near their cost. Save a ton of start-up time, headaches, and possible mistakes. This business is currently open. A nondisclosure agreement will be required and we ask that you are discrete. Please do not discuss any details or ask questions of the current employees or patrons. Please contact Mike Steward for additional information.